Friday, May 20, 2011

The Catholic Church & Racism In Texas

Part 1
-->Brief Review of incidents at Mary House
-->bilingual issues at Cathedral
Part 2
-->LULAC & pogroms
-->comparison of two Churches in USA???


To read Catholic statements about racism and to encounter the actual racist, extremely racist, culture of the Catholic Church in Texas is an experience that defies description. Most Catholic discussion of racism is self-righteously directed at the society outside the church and absurdly blind to the intensely active racism exhibited inside the church itself.

Even the so-called "left" of the Catholic Church in Texas is extremely, actively, and consciously racist. A case in point: Mary House, the Catholic Workers' "hospitality house" in South Austin, Texas. It is run by a woman named Lynn Goodmann-Strauss, and for accuracy's sake, I must point out that in her bio it says she came to Texas from New York, where she was raised as a Jew. She claims to be a Catholic convert. Just so ya know: I ain't pickin' on Texans. Also: notice the dehumanizing language in the Diocese's description of Mary House. You'd think they were describing an animal shelter for stray dogs. That kind of language is universal in the Amercian Fascist Catholic Church, which is diverging more and more from the true Catholic faith into this fascist genocidal cult. Does the Vatican understand enough American English to notice this?

I volunteered as a cook at Mary House for a couple of months. I was appalled at the policy of total racism. Everyone associated with Mary House is white, white, white. All the decor pretends to be Mexican. The neighborhood is heavily Hispanic. Goodmann-Strauss likes to dress in left-wing Mexi-chic. There was one Black man, L., there who seemed vibrant, intelligent, and upbeat when I started. Over the course of the weeks I worked there, I watched Goodmann-Strauss and her staff beat him down to a full shuck-and-jive! The arrogant college student Catholic Worker spoke to all the "guests", but especially to L, as if they were stubborn little children. She was following Lynn Goodmann-Strauss's example. Goodmann-Strauss also ran a continuous line of chatter about the residents' "rescue stories", talking about them in the third person as if they were pieces of furniture, human garbage, useful only for the donations she could raise in their names.

Goodmann-Strauss took brief breaks from all her hateful remarks about the Catholic Church and Catholics in general, when she wasn't congratulating herself for rescuing some poor "loser", to pray from the Catholic book of Christian Prayer.

L. told me he was Catholic. In his honor (or perhaps to warn him off) Goodmann Strauss had posted a clipping from the Austin Statesman on the refridgerator door. It was about racism in the Catholic Church and the decision of many Black Catholics to just leave.

When I tried to give L. a copy of Christian Prayer for one of Goodmann-Strauss's performances of observance of Catholic practice, one of her arrogant white volunteers snatched it from him without saying a word, with a gesture of extreme rudeness and contempt. I asked Goodmann-Strauss for another copy for him and with equal rudeness and contempt she remarked that he could not read and he just likes to pretend. L. went to get his own Bible and joined us in spite of the open hatred.

I was so choked up on the atmosphere of hatred, so appalled, I could not follow the readings. I left soon after and filed a complaint with the Diocese. The Diocese will not discuss the complaint.

Lynn Goodmann-Strauss made numerous phone calls to slander me. A deacon in my own church, whose extreme racism will be the subject of another article, accepted her slander and acted on it, and lied to the Diocese about his own actions.

The Diocese of Austin, headed by Bishop Joseph Vasquez, is the most extremely racist institution I have ever encountered. There is an African-African community of Catholics, promoted along with all the promotion of immigrants against the American working class and that "run-a-dogfight" ethic is the hallmark of this fascist church: (it breaks my heart to write this, but I must! I am Catholic and never saw this kind of fascism in the Church of my childhood!)

The Catholic Worker organization, in Austin TExas, is running a training ground for genocide. All-white, attacking the dignity of all working class people in a manner so horrifically opposite to Dorothy Day her grave must be weeping tears of blood! It is openly running HOSPICE protocols on HEALTHY people! Whites are hardly better off there than L., since they are all treated as if they are mindless children, useful only for garnering more donations for Lynn Goodmann-Strauss and the Catholic Workers.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Truth About Sodom & Gomorrah: It Wasn't About Gay Sex!

Conservative Christians frequently refer to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah when criticizing gay culture but a close reading of that story in the Bible shows a different reason for God's wrath. Many cities in ancient times as well as modern had active gay culture and they were not buried under fire and brimstone. When you read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah you will see that the hero's family was living in a state of siege in their home, unable to defend their rights to avoid the dominant gay culture outside. THAT is why those cities were destroyed!

God does not tolerate hate. Individuals and their own consciences must answer individually to God whether they were sinning as homosexuals or as heterosexuals, even if their sins were not sexual at all. But when individuals were not allowed to follow the pattern God laid down in the very beginning, in the predominant pattern of heterosexual relations in natural family settings with life-nurturing protection of the young by their own parents, that is when God took action against those two cities in ancient Biblical times.

Did it really happen? Who knows. I'm no archeologist or scientist. The Bible speaks to us at many levels, both actual and metaphorical. But the story delivers an important message: the human race must NOT be allowed to replace natural, life-supporting peaceful family culture with the culture of death and destruction that is at the core of homosexual society.

In recent years the American culture has been moving from a sometimes confused mix of lifestyles and moral standards to an increasingly aggressive and fascistic assault on all forms of natural, humanistically conservative or traditional lifestyles and standards. This movement seems to be picking up speed at an exponential rate.

This blog/paper is an attempt by one individual, a somewhat-traditional Catholic woman, to start watching this process. I am an artist in my fifties living in Austin, Texas for the most part and I hope I will be able to provide an outlet for straight talk about the changes that are unfolding in our society. And yes, I am using the word "straight" in the sense of old 20th-century slang for "non-homosexual".

If you see this online, please leave a comment. Write about similar issues in your parish or city. It costs me 10 cents a sheet to print, and I am not sure how I can support this without donations since I am not wealthy. There is a "donate" button in the blog online at that can help.

"Ca Suffi!" is a French expression loosely translated as "Enough already!"